Aliza is an author, freelance writer, and multimedia content producer.

Aliza Sherman Resume

Aliza can also provide marketing services.

Below are some writing samples. Aliza’s beats include: Wellness, Women’s Issues, Internet/Web, Business, Marketing, Cannabis/CBD.

Sample E-Books

Sample Magazine Articles

(Appeared in Print)

Stroller Strides: Driven by Motherhood [Entrepreneur]

The Idol Life: Richard Branson, Anita Roddick, Michael Dell [Entrepreneur]

Sample Website Articles

Going Luxe With CBD Beauty Products [Ageist]

CBD: Snake Oil or Cure All? [Ageist]

5 Cities Benefiting From Mobile Apps [Mashable]

4 Ways Farmers’ Markets Are Going Digital [Mashable]

How to use crowdsourcing techniques in your virtual team [GigaOm]

4 tips (and a hack) to make your iPad work-worthy [GigaOm]

Being there: 4 situations where human touch is required in work [GigaOm]

What Does It Take to Run a Virtual Team? (Redux) [GigaOm]

Are You Cut Out for Virtual Work? (Quiz) [GigaOm]

Sample Newspaper/Newspaper Magazine Articles

A grateful life: Blaze Bell happy to be in recovery [Alaska Pulse]

Ronna Martin climbs back from traumatic injury in Seward’s Mount Marathon Race [Alaska Pulse]

Sample Columns

Balance Is a Myth [Entrepreneur]

Don’t be Afraid to Charge What You’re Worth [Entrepreneur]

Is Your Business Demanding Too Much? [Entrepreneur]


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