Aliza is an author, freelance writer, and multimedia content producer.

Aliza Sherman Resume

Aliza can also provide marketing services.

Below are some writing samples. Aliza’s beats include: Wellness, Women’s Issues, Internet/Web, Business, Marketing, Cannabis/CBD.

Sample E-Books

Sample Magazine Articles

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Sample Website Articles

Sample Columns

Sample Ad Copy

For non-surgical treatments:

Make your body goals a reality! No need to go under the knife to get the sculpting you want to see. Get CoolSculpting by Ideal Image for as little as $54/month to help you reach your “#bodygoals.” No surgery needed.
Look and feel more confident with Ideal Image’s CoolSculpting! No more hiding behind extra baggy clothing. Get lasting confidence in your body by freezing fat cells for as low as $54/month. Bye bye baggy.
A team of medical experts just made your dreams come true. CoolSculpting by Ideal Image freezes and eliminates fat cells. You can try this product for up to 50% off. No, it’s not magic. It’s science!
What if you had a product that could target stubborn fat on your thighs, stomach, and sides? Ta Da! Now there is one. CoolSculpting by Ideal Image aims at fat cells and Voila! Eliminated. Get up to 50% off and hit your body-shaping bullseye.

For nutritional supplements:


Your cells will love you for this
Knock out stress at the cellular level
Fuel your cellular power stations
Boost your health from the inside out


Get energy, focus, resilience, and better health. Get MitoQ.
Discover the science of MitoQ to optimize your cellular health
The best defence against free radicals is one click away
Here’s your exclusive access to breakthrough cellular science

For solar energy panels:


The sun doesn’t stop working in winter. You shouldn’t stop saving on your energy bills this season. Sunrun keeps your lights bright and costs low.
A Sunrun home doesn’t get the winter energy bill blues. Brighten your winter days and light up your nights with clean, safe, reliable energy.
Take control of your energy bills year-round. Over half a million customers save money every month, even in winter. Shouldn’t you?
Sunruns custom solar designs, personalized service, and energy bill savings will make your winter so bright, you’ll think it’s summer.

For Pet Food:

Visual Copy 

Bowl-licking good
For the modern dog
For the love of dogs
Your dog has evolved
Real food rules
Vet-backed. Dog approved.

For fitness equipment:

Above The Fold Copy 

Get fresh, wireless workouts at your fingertips! Track your CITYROW Classic Rower fitness stats on your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch. #fitnessgoals
Activate the ultimate full-body workout with CITYROW’s Classic Rower. BONUS: Get your fitness stats in real time on your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. High tech, high touch. 
Access live and on-demand training from top NYC fitness trainers synced to your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch. Get a totally immersive workout experience with CITYROW Classic Rower. 
Sync your workouts. Track your progress. Watch as you blast past your fitness goals with CITYROW Classic Rower’s smartphone and tablet apps plus Apple Watch integration.

Below the Fold Copy 

Work it. Row it. Track it.
Your high intensity, low impact workout.
In-home workouts plus on-to-go.
Real-time progress-tracked workouts


Cannabis Book Cover shadow 200
violence against women book
adoption book


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