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Looking for creative and effective ways to reach and serve your customers?

Aliza has been consulting clients about Internet communications, community-building and content development since 1992.

She specializes in social mobile strategy, planning, ideation and training; online multimedia content development; and evangelizing select brands.

Need someone to spread the word about your product?

People trust Aliza Sherman’s opinion and hire her to be the spokesperson for their brands, particularly technology and lifestyle brands that appeal to women. She is part educator, part evangelist, helping to bring new products into the marketplace or bring existing products to new audiences.

Need original by-lined content developed by a trusted source?

Aliza is a prolific content developer with deep experience developing content for print, television, radio and the Internet including blog posts and audio podcasts. When you hire Aliza to develop content for you, you get more than a writer. You get someone with a great reputation and following.

Need help with bigger social media projects?

Aliza co-founded Conversify, an early full-service social media marketing agency. The company is available for larger social media marketing projects.

Learn more about Conversify and the social media marketing services they offer.

US: 303-991-3664 UK: (0) 13-3244-2620

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Crowdsourcing? Aliza wrote a book on it!

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